Metal Art by LC

Sculpture In Progress

A little bit about “STAY”

I am fueled and driven to create something of order from disorder. Taking what appears to be chaos and creating something that resembles life. Realistically we each do that daily, I just express it in my works.  My medium is recycled metal objects, which are used to make my sculptures.  The individual objects symbolize our individual daily struggles. The end result is order from disorder, life pulled together from all kinds of different aspects and ideas, or in the case of my sculptures, discarded metal objects.

I enjoy the find as much as the build. I look for objects that resemble some individual part of whatever it is I am creating. These found objects help form my rendition of an animal or a flower or whatever it is I am building.

I use farm implements, household materials, demolition materials, automotive salvage, construction leftovers, manufacturing machines, gears, chains, old shovels and rakes, bolts, washers, and nuts.  I hunt the local salvage yards for the bulk of my materials, and rely on family, friends, and neighbors alerting me to something that someone has discarded.  

This Dinosaur I have created was done so by using items that represent strength.  Each item comes from a field of service where its use was that of moving heavy objects, or holding them together, or directing their path.  The backbone is made from a ditchwitch chain, which cuts ditches into our earth to lay the lines which we all live by.  The legs are from large turnbuckles, which are used to hold down and move very large items.  The head is the result of a discarded gas tank project for a motorcycle.  When you look at “STAY”, you will see that he has many individual objects which represent strength, all recycled and brought together to form my rendition of a strong  T-Rex. He is 11 feet long from tip of his tail to the tip of his mouth, He stands 7 feet tall, is over 5 feet wide, and weighs several hundred pounds. 

He is not be painted, and will rust as time goes and rain falls.  I prefer for Mother Nature to do my painting.

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